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London -1 day

Tomorrow we are going to London. We are leaving at fucking 7 o clock from copenhagen! It is going to be a though one for me. I’m always so grumpy in the morning and hate traveling before 12 am. So tonight we have to pack our stuff, go to latexa and pic up the cloth that H and K has made for me and Kes. They made me a shirt to wear at rubber ball so i don’t look completely off in my shiny lacq. I’ve made a map so i know where both rubberball and torture garden is … should’nt be so hard to find these days!

It is though at work these days. Kinda like there is a bad wibe going on after we lost our last negotiantion partner in the B&H case. Hope it will improve as the A case gets up and running, though i kinda think it is a little strange we go on in that case even though we know investors will be doubtfull… anyway – enough work. Now i have to go.